3 Super Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language


“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” – Goethe

We live in a globalized world and the borders between countries are disappearing day by day. This gives opportunities for both business and people to connect.  Language helps a great deal when it comes to connecting with people from different countries and most importantly understanding their culture.  The 3 benefits below will give you the motivation to learn a foreign language which I believe will open new doors in your life.

1. Get Hired Quickly

One of the most important skills which the current employers are looking for is the ability to speak a foreign language fluently.  This is because of the current multicultural environment that exists in most of the companies in the world. It also shows them that you are a people person and can maintain a good relationship with your colleagues.

2. Get a Higher Salary

Mastery of a foreign language can lead to jobs which offer more salary. Jobs such as Interpreter, Foreign Language Tutor etc. are paid very well in many countries and it can also enable you to do freelance work. The rise of English teaching jobs in China can be considered as a good example.

3. Networking

The idea of networking with people and creating lasting relationships requires communication. Language is the key which opens doors for us to communicate with other people. This can also help us in understanding the culture of a particular country. Therefore, learning a foreign language can be considered as a great investment.


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